Brussels, apart from being the capital of Belgium, is also the de facto capital of the EU (European Union). It is also a leading trade center of the world. Therefore, it should not come across as a surprise if individuals see websites having different sections where they can read details about the products and services provided by it, translated into languages spoken by the natives of Brussels. More often than not, these websites contain a drop down box where one can select a language of their choice. Certain websites just include a image of the map of Belgium, clicking which takes the viewer into a separate sector of the website, specially designed for Belgians. However, this might not prove helpful since the natives of this country speak in several languages including Dutch, French, German, and Flemish, with the last one being a local variant of Dutch. It is the same with the owners of websites owned by the Belgians. In order to sell their products and services globally, they need someone to translate their website's text to English.

French is the major language of Brussels

The Flemish language, despite being an offshoot of the Dutch language, uses a different pronunciation. Due to this people from the Netherlands might not be able to understand this language. While the vast majority of Belgians speak in French, nearly 19 percent of the citizens of Brussels are more fluent in Dutch. Approximately one percent of the citizens of this city know German. If you are fluent both in French and English, you can easily earn lots of money by opening an online translation company. No doubt, online translation sites are much smarter compared to what they were a decade or so ago, however, they cannot compete with the artificial intelligence of the human mind.

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Online translation sites do not think like the human brain

If you have any doubt, translate an English sentence into French using any such online site and then retranslate the Dutch result provided by such sites into English. You will see a marked difference between the retranslated sentence and the original. The problem increases when one needs to translate technical or scientific data. Though this might prove a barrier even for an accomplished translator, he can always seek the help of online sites for the meaning of specific terms. Obviously, having an excellent grammatical knowledge of both the languages is a must if you want to set up a translation company in Brussels.

Owning technical dictionaries helps

You can also purchase several dictionaries that provide the accurate translation of technical terms of both French and English. If you are fluent in Dutch as well, then you can earn money beyond your wildest dreams just by translating web pages, sales brochures, blog posts, and much more by translating them from one of the languages mentioned above to the other. The internet provides ample opportunities to those who are willing to work hard and are proficient in these three languages. Post your profile on social network sites and you can bet that someone or the other will contact you very soon, to get their translation jobs done.